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ICAL Alumni Association

ICAL Alumni Association

The ICAL Alumni Association (“ICAL AA”) is a network of former members of the International Commercial Arbitration Law (“ICAL”) Masters Programme at Stockholm University.

ICAL AA was formed in 2013. It serves dual purposes. First, ICAL AA seeks to make it easier for the over 300 former ICAL students to stay connected as their careers take them to nearly ever corner of the world. To that end, ICAL AA hosts social events inside and outside of Sweden for the purpose of bringing alumni together. ICAL AA also launched this website, which includes an alumni directory as well as space for posting alumni announcements.

Second, ICAL AA works to promote the practice and study of international arbitration. It does this by organizing and hosting educational events and conferences, such as the 2013 conference celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the ICAL Masters Programme. 

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An international family

"For ten more years to come"
Throughout its first decade, the ICAL Program has developed an international network of young practitioners, bringing together talented and ambitious lawyers from all continents who share an interest for international dispute resolution. The ICAL family, as we call it.