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A busy week in Vienna

Busy week in Vienna

The Vis week was a busy one for ICAL. The Stockholm team had a great performance in Vienna and its team spirit and pleadings gained praised among its peers. For the rest of the ICAL family, it was also an intense week with various events to which many ICAL alumni were invited to speak.

Alumni dinner and Outstanding ICAL Alumni Award
On Saturday 8 April the ICAL Alumni Dinner took place, with former ICAL students from around the world gathering to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the dinners. At the dinner, marked by its spirit of collegiality, the 2017 Outstanding ICAL Alumni award was announced.

ICAL alumni selected Herman Duarte as the 2017 Outstanding ICAL Alumnus, for his defense of the rights of same sex couples in El Salvador. Herman launched a constitutional challenge against the Family Code of El Salvador which prevents same sex couples to marry. Herman's efforts have gained much attention in Central America and he was invited by Harvard University to talk about, the equal rights movement founded he founded in December 2016. Congratulations Herman!

ICC YAF-YAAP Conference
ICAL alumnae Bianca Kremer and Nadia Smahi were selected as 2 of the 3 winners following the "Call for Ideas" for the ICC YAF-YAAP Conference "Young Approaches to Arbitration." The Conference was held on 8 April 2017, where Bianca talked about the European Court for Arbitral Awards and Nadia about Common Law Immunity vs Civil Law Arbitral Liability. Congratulations Bianca and Nadia!

Coffee House Debate
Alumni Gretta Walters and and Giulio Palermo (Lalive, CEA) were among the debaters of this year's ICDR's Coffee House Debate, held on 9 April 2017. The debate was moderated by ICAL Program Director, Patricia Shaughnessy and J. Brian Casey (Bay Street Chambers, Toronto/London).

Successful Strategies for Launching Your Career In International Arbitration
The seminar jointly organized by Inovarb and Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP), with ICAL AA as media partner took place on 11 April 2017.
The speakers of the event included ICAL alumna Crina Baltag (Kluwer Arbitration Blog Associate Editor and ICAL alumna) and Patricia Shaughnessy (Stockholm University, SCC) and two of the three moderators were ICAL alumnae Carolina Morandí (AmCham) and Bianca Kremer (Mannheimer Swartling, Stockholm).
You can find pictures of the event here

Over the years, the ICAL program has left its mark at the Vis Moot and related events in Vienna. We hope to continue with this track record, and that every year more and more alumni support the Stockholm team, join us at the alumni dinner and continue advancing their career and making the ICAL program visible, by organizing and participating at events.