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The Arbitration Station - a podcast about international arbitration


2012 ICAL Alumni Brian Kotick and Uppsala University Doctoral Candidate Joel Dahlquist Cullborg have launched one of the world's first podcasts dedicated exclusively to international commercial and investment arbitration.

Targeting young practitioners, the podcast looks to combine serious substance with gossipy gibberish about international arbitration in general.  The two hosts Brian and Joel address recent or historical events, hot topics and general hearsay in a relaxed and vernacular atmosphere.  

The first episode aired on August 29, 2017.  In this episode, Brian and Joel discuss the use of administrative secretaries, tribunal deliberations and the virtues of doing a PhD in international arbitration.  In the second episode, aired on September 5, 2017, Brian and Joel receive their first guest, Annette Magnusson (Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce), to discuss diversity in arbitration and the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge, third party funding and "The Bourne Arbitration".  

These podcasts are delicious.  Find them here: