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ICAL Alumni advancing their arbitration careers

Seminar lecture

Book publications, joining global arbitration associations and participating in international events are part of the activities of our alumni.

As ICAL alumna Gretta Walters (Chaffetz Lindsey, New York) gets elected to join ICDR Global Advisory Board, ICAL alumna Crina Baltag (Kluwer Arbitration Blog Editor) published in February 2017 the second book of her career, entitled: ICSID Convention after Fifty Years: Unsettled Issues (Wolters Kluwer). Crina published in 2012 her fist book: The Energy Charter Treaty. The Notion of Investor (Wolters Kluwer).

Also Gretta Walters and ICAL alumnus Giulio Palermo (Lalive, CEA) will be among the debaters of this year's ICDR's Coffee House Debate, organized in connection with the Vis Moot in Vienna, to take place on 9 April, 2017 (More info in program below). The debate will be moderated by ICAL Program Director, Patricia Shaughnessy and J. Brian Casey (Bay Street Chambers, Toronto/London).

The propositions to debate are:

"You spilled my coffee – I'm not paying for you!" - A party allegedly harmed by another's conduct should not have to advance the other's costs just to get justice.

"Waiter, just bring our coffees and stay out of it!" - The increased power of arbitral institutions has come at the expense of party autonomy

See the program of the Coffee House Debate