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Active learning at ICAL Program using Kluwer Arbitration

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The ICAL Program is known for its unique hands-on approach to teaching, and Kluwer Arbitration is an essential tool for the students' unique learning experience.

In a video featuring ICAL students Hitesh K. Saini (India), Andrew Poole (Brazil), Veranika Buracheuskaya (Belarus), Kirsten Teo-Delalay (Singapore) and ICAL Program Director, Patricia Shaughnessy, Kluwer Arbitration explains how ICAL students benefit from Kluwer Arbitration's variety of legal sources and materials (books, journals, awards, court decisions from various jurisdictions, etc.) for their reading assignments, as well as how Kluwer Arbitration ultimately supports the student's active learning experience.

Students can easily access the materials online from their homes, mobile phones, university library, or wherever they may be.

See the video Kluwer Arbitration - a customer's view