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Second edition of "Arbitration in Switzerland" edited by Manuel Arroyo


"Arbitration in Switzerland - The Practitioner's Guide", edited by Manuel Arroyo (ICAL 2007) is the most comprehensive treatise on international arbitration in Switzerland.

This second edition comprises roughly 3'000 pages and includes, inter alia, an article-by-article commentary on Chapter 12 PILS (the lex arbitri), the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, the ICC Arbitration Rules, the CAS Procedural Rules, and the WIPO Arbitration Rules.  In addition to editing this two-volume treatise, Manuel has authored some 180 pages of legal commentary on Arts. 190-191 PILS, Art. 42 Swiss Rules, and Arts. 30, 37, 38 ICC Rules, including Appendix VI.

In 2014, Manuel (currently Partner with Nater Dallafior in Zurich) received the Outstanding ICAL Alumnus Award for his contribution as sole editor and co-author of the first edition of "Arbitration in Switzerland".

The ICAL community wishes to congratulate Manuel for this exceptional achievement! 


Arroyo, Manuel (ed), Arbitration in Switzerland - The Practitioner's Guide (2nd Wolters Kluwer 2018) -- More information