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Alumni interviewed by Stockholm University in relation to the ICAL program


ICAL Alumni Nadia Smahi and Yuning Chen put the ICAL program in perspective, in an interview published in the "Alumni Portraits" section of the Stockholm University website.

The article, sourcing from discussions with the two ICAL Alumni, highlights the strengths of the program and the outlooks granted to its students as they return home after completing the program.  It quotes Nadia: "Studying (at Stockholm University) among so many international students opens up a lot of perspectives. People are from everywhere, from all ages, from all backgrounds and everyone just participates and tries to really think about arbitration and work on it. And everyone brings something from home to the program".

The diversity of the students composing each ICAL generation is also brought forward in the publication.  As Yuning puts it: "There were students from over 20 countries in my class. I got a new view of the world because I had so many interactions from all over the world. I think it helped me improve my interpersonal skills and communication skills".

A delicious read, available here !